This is an interesting story about hikers walking in circles.

I didn't think this belonged on the site, so you get a little something extra for visiting our blog.

I took 90 shot of the Moon setting over the Jemez. I think this is my favorite.

It's 12:29. Just completed Rim Vista Trail. I'll check it for errors in the morning. I think the videos are getting better.

This morning added a link to this blog from the "About Us" page, and customized the blog look.

You can also follow our activity on We go by NMSam and Otownron on that site.

I'll begin work on adding video and updating the graphics on what my brother and I agree is the most impressive hike of them all. Rim Vista Trail.

We have two Virtual Hikes completed with several others functioning. My brother and I would like to create more soon. We just have to work for awhile to support this habit. Pedernal and Deer Trap trails are the two completed virtual hikes.